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2019… Here we are

It hard to imagine that just last week, everyone kept pushing their programs to next year.

You could think there were talking about some futuristic thing that would come after months and yet by Tuesday morning, we were there.

January was looking at us and for some reason, with a grin that signaled that whichever poverty disease its coming with will leave major holes in pockets.

For people that are dedicated to unforgiving professions, they even reported to work on that first day of the year fighting off sleep and a hangover.

Well, 2019 is upon us and since some of us did not really have such luxuries like holidays, we have not yet even gotten time to even declare that it’s a new year and new us.

I did not even get a chance to set a resolution, not that am a fun of resolutions anyway.

I used to believe in those things, at 22, I wanted to get married and set my new year new me sights on marriage and to be self-employed.

Life! That thing has jokes, I did not even date a person that year but of course I did not learn, years later, I was at it again, quitting beer.

I actually managed a number of days, until I learn that I still had a number of unopened bottles in my house, as they say, the rest is history.

Today, the day was just another working day, but of course with less workload – the only busy thing was my phone – can you imagine the number of girl children that called to wish me a beautiful new year, one even said she loves me more than my own kin will ever do.

This year, I join other boy children that want to make their lives better, develop as well as build a country that’s moving towards wearing crowns.

And of course, now that I did not have a pastor tell me this is my year, am sure I will enjoy surprising people and myself while I simply make things happen.

First published in Daily Monitor.

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