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Afroman Spice in a secretive return

Last year, they took the National Theater auditorium by surprise when they debuted Afro Man Spice show; three girls with talent, Rasheeda Namulondo, Linda Nabasa alias Nada and Sandra Nankoma a.k.a Sandy Soul that somehow left stone unturned with a two hour monologues and dialogues about a relationship with an African man.

Of course the show was a success; it was a mixture of different performing disciplines like poetry/spoken word, music and theater and of course many people that attended were seeing this kind of fusion for the first time.

Almost a year later, the girls are back at it.

Today at the National Theater, Namulondo and Nabasa both poets will once again team up with their musician friend Nankoma for yet another thrilling poetry musical theater show aptly titled What’s Your Secret?

What’s your secret is an intriguing play about a young woman’s present, past and future. How society, culture and personal fears affect her reaction and actions towards her life decisions.

The girls are expected to raise the bar higher with this show considering the fact that they left the audience yearning for more with their previous production.

About the performers

Afroman Spice cast Sandy Soul, Ms Nanda and Rasheeda Namulondo
Afroman Spice cast Sandy Soul, Ms Nanda and Rasheeda Namulondo

Nankoma alias Sandy Soul is a jazz vocalist who recently opened for Joel Sebunjo and LaBa! Art Festival almost two days later. Nankoma is currently working on her debut album which she notes will be a fusion of jazz and folklore music.

Rasheeda Namulondo came to prominence after winning the BN Poetry Award in 2013 she’s also a vocalist – mostly known for hosting one of the first one girl poetry shows Layers in 2014. Namulondo was very instrumental in guitarist Kaz Kasozi’s Seven Seasons shows that were held across the city.

Then Ms Nanda, it was between her banters and Slim Emcee’s enchanters that people found their favorite lines at Kwivuga Poetry sessions. She’s famous for bashing men like her life depends on it and yes, this girl is always animated. Last year, she was one of the finalists in the KFM presenter search.

Entrance is shs 20,000/= and gates will open at 6pm.

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