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Once again, it was hard luck for the Ugandan nominees


Uganda had a reason to celebrate as Africa had all its eyes on Lagos last Saturday. Quietly, the team made up of Rwamusigazi Kyakunzire that was representing The Forbidden, Eleanor and Mathew Nabwiso, the producers of Rain, Joan Agaba and Raymond Rushabiro, the lead actors in The Torture, as well …

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NGO shamelessly laughs in funders’ face


Over the years, a Ugandan story in films has been boxed to look and sound a certain way – in fact in simple words, they are stories about a man, his wife and a side dish. A simple story that usually sees a woman abused, raped and in some cases …

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​Henry Ssali’s Kiwani is a missed opportunity


By the time scribe Henry Ssali ventured into movie production back in 2007, a very big number of the current crop of film makers must have been dreaming about becoming camera owners. With his muscle in the newsroom, he announced an audition in form of a story in one of …

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Sandra goes mean on material girl Mercedes


Sandra Nankoma’s Mercedes could be a song that says a lot about her musical journey. It’s a song that has been in the works for about three years, first released with a different production treatment and finally on the album with a more condensed slow tempo work by producer David …

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What’s with Kampala restaurants and matooke?


The story of Kampala and food is one you can rant about for ages – from people having bad cooking tendencies like poisoning our food with ARVs, panadol and of recently simanyi formalin, the food in the city becomes risky by the day. But that’s not what am talking about, …

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Ngalabi does it second time better


The idea of having short films celebrated in a festival format for Ugandans started in 2016 with the Kampala Short Film Festival at the National Theater. The next year, Goethe Zentrum would partner with Maisha Film Lab to set up the Ngalabi Short Film Festival, featuring East African films and …

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