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Isaiah Katumwa set for an East African tour


Jazz maestro Isaiah Katumwa to Jazz up Nairobi as he launches his East Africa tour dubbed “This Is Me”. The tour that will cover Nairobi, Kigali and Kampala comes almost a year after the maestro celebrated ten years of Jazzing up Ugandan music lovers with a concert that he co-headlined …

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Afroman Spice’s secret show is quite a dark matter

Afroman Spice-1-2

Linda Nabasa is quite a happy soul, yet, going by her contribution to the writing of Afroman Spice’s latest production, What’s Your Secret?, girl indeed has some haunted thoughts. After a successful run with their debut Afroman Spice show last year, yesterday, Nabasa alias Nada, Rasheedah Namulondo and Sandra Nankoma …

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Pearl Rhythms activations kickoff

Ann Nassanga alias Afrie, opened the 2016 edition of the LaBa! Art Film Festival earlier this month; her performance was punctuated with energy, wit and such a stage presence. She plays a piano, thus some of the songs she performed like Fembi and Teli Mulala were rather sobre and only …

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Malachi Kirby on portraying Kunta Kinte


Malachi Kirby is an English actor known for his roles in EastEnders and Doctor Who. This year, many TV lovers were introduced to Malachi after he reprised the role of Kunta Kinte in the remake of popular slavery drama Roots. The series that wrapped early this week of course too …

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Afroman Spice in a secretive return


Last year, they took the National Theater auditorium by surprise when they debuted Afro Man Spice show; three girls with talent, Rasheeda Namulondo, Linda Nabasa alias Nada and Sandra Nankoma a.k.a Sandy Soul that somehow left stone unturned with a two hour monologues and dialogues about a relationship with an …

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Mulago Yaffe: Good for charity, bad for music


If there is one thing most local artistes have mastered is jumping on themes they barely understand; take a look at all these listeners’ parties or the album launches that have been held without physical albums in existence. In the past years, the fuss has been on charity oriented shows, …

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MabARTi Challange is back


Art is a culture, language and way of life. Yet many Ugandans find it hard to relate with art. Apparently, they feel that local art isn’t accessible; artists paint, create or compose to connect with a market miles away. They think that much of the art is so abstract, yet …

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