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Tuzinne Festival does it for human rights


Dance is not one of the most celebrated art genres in Uganda, in fact, for many artistes, it’s a belief they can do without it. This has seen dancers frustrated that to be noticed; some have had to take up music. But there’s been a lease of life for the …

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The Nabwisos impress with Rain


A lot has been happening on the local film industry of late, from an ongoing enforcement for classification, the arrest of film translator/commentator VJ Junior, to the launch of this year’s Uganda Film Festival by Uganda Communication Council. Sadly though, as all these are happening, very little screen time or …

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Herman Basudde: portrait of a musical prophet


Ugandan music has indeed come from a place of deep thought, sorrowful and immerses talent. There was a time artistes mostly went to studio not because it was an obligation to record music but because they indeed had something to say; and that’s the story of Herman Basudde’s classic, Bus …

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And here comes Pelinda


Esther Mutoni Pelinda is still a mystery on the Ugandan entertainment scene – some people have indeed heard about her but the majorities are still figuring her out. Pelinda’s first musical attempt was during her high school days, along with friends, they would save money to record songs in holidays. …

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Happy K opens Pearl Rhythm activations in style

The one thing that many people know about Pearl Rhythm Festival must be their ability to produce new talent on an annual basis. Each year, the festival through their Stage Coach programme mentor a group of artistes in areas of song writing, recording and performing. This in turn has in …

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Afri Talent’s Ettottolima is a trip to nowhere


It’s been argued that theatre is ailing. In fact just last year, a whole debate was held about the matter, much as many enthusiasts of theatre could have argued that the judgement was simply too harsh, ugly reality is that theatre is in a danger zone. And the number of …

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