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Bayimba: Jemimah Sanyu proves that she’s more than the antics

Jemimah Sanyu first made her mark on the bayimba Stage as a member of Janzi Band, then no one knew of her as an artiste.
But it was a year later that she indeed made her mark when she had to fill in for a band that had apparently missed their flight, as ypu already know, she killed it.
On Friday, when Bayimba was opening for their ninth edition, Sanyu was one of the acts that took to the stage with her Unit 440 band.

In the past, she has always been known for her over the top performances though, as she took top the stage on Friday night, it was clearshe had brought more than the antics.

She had originally not been programmed for the festival, but after Yatatchi from Sweden/DRC failed to catch his flight, Sanyu became the replacement candidate.

Her performance went through the songs we know like Ndi Munauganda, Zibba Amaso or Isabirye but what made it stand out this time round wasn’t a fact that she can flip on stage but her engagement with the audience and ease given the fact that she had only been notified about performing a day to the gig.

Surprisingly, Sanyu’s performance was followed by Dr. Bone from south Africa, the rapper was meant to perform at Bayimba in 2014 but somehow missed his flight, then, it was Sanyu that covered him too.

According to Phillip Masembe, Bayimba Foundation’s Media Manager, they easily call for Jamimah because of her professionalism.

“I usually rehearse with my band and probably it’s the reason why they are always willing to work with me,” she says.

Sanyu also says that since her first performance at Bayimba as a member of Janzi Band in 2013, she notices the festival has grown both in numbers and production.

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