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Bayimba: Ignore Iryn Namubiru at your own peril

Well, you can’t say that Iryn Namubiru was a forgotten act before she made her Bayimba International Festival of the Arts debut, but she’s been out for too long, in fact, she had given many a chance to write her off.

When she was announced as a performer at this year’s Bayimba, there were detractors that were quick to note that she didn’t deserve the stage.

Saturday, the second day of the festival, drapping in white, Namubiru finally hit the Bayimba stage, following a soul music beast that MoRoots had been, she was in for a challenge.

It’s been a while since Namubiru has held a concert thus, being on a Bayimba stage for close to an hour was almost a mini concert – something she has not done for sometime.

Namubiru may indeed have lived up to her billing and even surprised herself considering the fact that the audience you find at Bayimba – as cheap as they may pay, they are a scary lot, they want to listen to almost all the notes and are rather very picky.

Irene Namubiru during her performance (photos by Zahra Abdul)

Namubiru was  fantastic.

But  all this could be relative to the point of view of the person that watched the performance – for some, Namubiru had a tight playlist but not as  rehearsed as expected, while for others, she was the best thing that happened to Saturday night.

She delivered some of her biggest hits like Nkwagala Nyo, Akawowo, Empisa Zo (where she paid tribute to Philly Lutaaya and of course the song that launched her on to the scene, Nkuweki.

Much as Namubiru is immensely talented, she almost under-utilized herself that at one point it felt like her backup vocalists were doing a better job.

The very first part of her performance was rather cold as she seemed rather intimidated by the audience, however as she went on, she was probably strengthened by those deafening screams that she started engaging the audience.

The performance wasn’t one of her strongest that she lacked the energy she usually possesses on stage and her performance was rather exciting but flat, its hard to pick a highlight out of it though either way, those that had paid shs5000 to solely watch her belt out those hit songs were happy.

For an audience that cares less about such things, Namubiru still has it and she still has the influence that can get people pay shs100,000 to watch her grace the Serena stage later this year.

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