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Bebe Cool’s sweet Na Na Na nothing

Of course Bebe Cool stopped writing his own music over ten years back.

He has since moved to employing song writers like Nince Henry, Silver Kyagulanyi, Yese Oman Rafiki, Esther Nabasa, A-Pass and Saint Andrews among others.

The gamble has paid off, depending on the side of the coin you’re looking at, churning out memorable songs like Ntuyo Zange, Minzani, Kabirinange and of course the body of work that made much of his first album in years, Go Mama.

These were songs like Love You every day, Freedom, Make the World Dance and African Gal among others, many of these were written by Nabasa, A-Pass and Swangz Avenue producer Benon Mugumbya.

But of course many of these songs have been of beats, his latest effort Na Na Na could be one of the newest offbeat he has bought from a song writer.

Released in mid-February, Na Na Na, is just one of those Bebe Cool songs he must have accepted after forgetting  a pledge he made to release good music rather than ‘hit baits’ in the post Go Mama era.

In fact, he had even hinted that he had started the process of producing his next album, whose date of release was to be somewhere in June 2017.

Na Na Na like the many songs Bebe has released since 2016 is a set back and an undoing for all he did and promised to do while debuting his well thought out work of art.

It’s a bad job for an artiste that Bebe Cool is and probably a good effort if it were by Allan Kendrick, his oldest son or other dancehall aspirants like Ziza Bafana.

The song doesn’t boost of the best lyrics but probably one of the best wordplay – it’s interesting listening to the delivery especially at the beginning; “Tubasula mu byenda naffe nga njoka, Tubasabba mu bungi kati nga visa…” a brilliant pairing of words that unfortunately says nothing.

In fact, as you listen on, it’s clear the writer had nothing to say with the song, his lyrics had no purpose but found him/herself putting together a song and Bebe Cool found himself spewing the nonsense.

Suspiciously, Na Na Na is written by the same guy responsible for gifting Bebe Cool with another obnoxious and yes, stupid song, Dede, both songs enjoy the emptiness in them and have introductions that promise they will be club bangers.

Probably that’s Na Na Na’s biggest undoing, why would Bebe Cool at his age be producing songs that people can only enjoy when they are intoxicated?

This song is a slap to those that thought the artiste had matured musically with his Go Mama showpiece, not that it’s the worst he has produced but he’s taking the whole thing of producing irrelevant songs way too serious.

Nevertheless, Dr Pinnan does a good job with the production even when much of his work is rather digital than organic, his efforts at involving the anonymous background vocals that threw adlibs like an African chant was one of the best decisions, they were the best part of the song, and of course, the mastering and mixing by Ogopa Inc was superb.

Bebe Cool’s Na Na Na promises nothing and as well delivers nothing special; will he get a famous song out of it? Of course, a temporary one though.


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