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Desert Flower

The best of African Movie Night set for this Sunday

Liya Kibede, star of Desert Flower meets the real Waris Dirie. Desert Flower will screen at the National Theater on sunday

The reason why the African Movie Night was created was to create awareness among Ugandans about the presence of an African film industry.

In January, they started off by showcasing Veve, a Kenyan political drama that was strategically aired to suit the political environment that prevailed at the time.

To date, the programme has screened films like Veve, Desert Flower, Lumumba and Sometimes in April among others.

At the end of last month, the organisers started a poll where they asked people to choose the best films they have watched at the subsequent screenings, the result was two films Desrt Flower and Lumumba coming on top.

They form part of the schedule of films that have been created for an African cinema binge watching aptly titled The Best of African Movie Night taking place on Sunday at the National Theater.


The intention is to curate five African films in a ten hour time span. The films include Desert Flower, Lumumba, Dar Nior, winner of Best Feature Film at the Amakula International Film Festival from Tanzania and African Metropolis, a collection of short films by from different countries.

According to Moses Serugo, the curator of the African Movie Night, the event is intended to provide a platform for the coordination and promotion of contemporary African cinema in Uganda in a bid to act as a vehicle for the expansion of audience access to, knowledge of, and demand for African film.

In fact on Sunday, revelers will be able to meet Ugandan film makers, who will be selling tickets to their next shows as well as DVDs for those that have screened before.

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