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Suzan Kerunen set for her tenth anniversary concert


Tomorrow at the Sheraton Gardens, Suzan Kerunen will host her very first concert since 2013. A world music singer that uses Kiswahili, her mother lingual Alur-Jonam and English, Kerunen will be using the show tomorrow as a celebration of more than one thing, she will be marking ten years in …

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Fifteen years later, Limit X still got it

Limit X in action SAMSON BARANGA1

In 1982, when a person got killed while moving on the streets of Kampala at 5pm, people would argue that he was moving late in the night. Yet, this didn’t stop people from enjoying life within their means, apparently – one of the places to be was Chez Johnson, a …

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Italian Jazz music comes to Uganda

It is said that music knows no language, speaks to all cultures and most of the times has no sex.This will be coming into play as the celebrations of the World Italian Week pick momentum. The global celebrations that have existed for the past fourteen years will be coming back …

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Orquesta Chungu to perform in Uganda

Orquésta Chungu will be touring Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia from the 10th of May to the 15th of June. The group is named after the Chungu, the traditional East African clay cooking pot which is popular because it retains its heat. Orquésta Chungu has cooked up a menu spiced …

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Guitar maestros bring the house down

Not many people dare to hold concerts on Sunday because of a simple reason, Kampala party goers usually party on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But that wasn’t the case for the Qwella Band and its ninth edition of the Qwella Junction. Qwella Band lined up the best guitarists in the …

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