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Stakes go higher as Doadoa moves to Kampala


In the past, local artistes have had issues with the way Nigerians and South Africans are dominating the continental airwaves like MTV Base and Trace TV.In their view, since artistes from these countries have the influence and money, they’ve managed to penetrate the continental market because of the airtime given. …

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More food still needed at Tokosa Food Festival


Festival is one of those words that has been thrown around by many of the social event organizers. On Sunday, it was a chance for the organizers of Tokosa Food Festival to mess up with the concept. Tokosa Food festival was making a second edition and as they noted last …

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Oscar Senyonga’s Ugandan art story told


Over a year back, artists almost lost their minds when the president called the arts useless, regardless of the noise that was made on social media, radios or TV, no one from the president’s office came up to address the situation.Yet, during the just concluded presidential elections, many artists were …

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Inaugural Short film festival set for next week


Most of the times, success of a film industry is measured by how many features or full length films have been produced. In places like Uganda where only a few are released, they will be quick to judge the industry non-existent. However, in the backdrop of any feature film like …

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Kerunen and team do it better at Pearl Rhythm Festival

If you have attended local music festivals before, the Pearl Rhythm Festival that took place at the National Theatre on Saturday would have left you nodding in  approval of its different stroke.For its second edition, instead of struggling with not-readily-available stars, the festival continued with its artiste-tutoring, guiding and later …

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Festivals are in trouble but Bayimba must go on!

It has been a muddy ride for different festivals in Africa the past few years; with financial hardships, lack of support from many governments, to little belief in the arts from the cooperate Africa, most of the shows are generally at the brink of extinction.For instance, East Africa’s most known …

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