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Local films to deal consistency card in 2017


Problems facing Ugandan film are not going away tomorrow, especially with the fact that like all other arts, they are yet to be recognized or protected by authorities. 2016 has not been one of the best years, but definitely one of those that film looked beyond making films, and actually …

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NTV’s Second Chance struggles to get first chance


When El Cuerpo Del Deseo (Second Chance) debuted on NTV, it was destined for greatness, the adverts that led to its premiere – storyline of a man that had resurrected in a cuter body and was now finding out things about the widow he left behind! When it eventually premiered, …

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Why Queen of Katwe is more than just a film for Ugandans


Since Walt Disney Pictures optioned the rights to Tim Crothers’ Queen of Katwe back in 2012, there has been a lot of excitement among Ugandans. Different people were excited for reasons that of course differed from the others; some were actors, fashion designers while others were people as distant from …

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Four editions on, UCC is yet to fix own festival


The Uganda Film Festival that is organized by the Uganda Communications Commission is the best the local film industry had gotten to as far as national recognition is concerned. Yet, for the people that produced the films to be consumed by a public, they felt like the festival was just …

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Uganda Film Festival releases nomination list

Raymond Rushabiro

The Uganda Film Festival is coming back this month and as always most of the attention goes to the closing night which also hosts the night, than the films being showcased. This year, may go down as one of those that the film industry has tried to break the glass …

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Malachi Kirby on portraying Kunta Kinte


Malachi Kirby is an English actor known for his roles in EastEnders and Doctor Who. This year, many TV lovers were introduced to Malachi after he reprised the role of Kunta Kinte in the remake of popular slavery drama Roots. The series that wrapped early this week of course too …

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Fond memeries as Kunta Kinte joins History


Thumbs up for the ‘millennials’ Roots! any one? No body? Part of my childhood wasn’t the neatest – well, we had one of the few TVs in the community, but we could only watch it after showering. That’s Life Mwattu was then a hit and we would sit down to …

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Bunjako, Uganda’s first horror film to premiere tomorrow


It’s been one of the most anticipated films and tomorrow, the public will experience the magic of Bunjako. The film entirely happens in one night as students struggle to survive cannibals on one Bunjako island. Film premieres tomorrow at Theater LaBonita. Tickets go for shs20,000 and shs50,000 and VVIP tables …

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The best of African Movie Night set for this Sunday

Desert Flower

The reason why the African Movie Night was created was to create awareness among Ugandans about the presence of an African film industry. In January, they started off by showcasing Veve, a Kenyan political drama that was strategically aired to suit the political environment that prevailed at the time. To …

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