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And here comes Pelinda


Esther Mutoni Pelinda is still a mystery on the Ugandan entertainment scene – some people have indeed heard about her but the majorities are still figuring her out. Pelinda’s first musical attempt was during her high school days, along with friends, they would save money to record songs in holidays. …

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Komakech wants to follow in Oryema’s footsteps


This year’s edition of Pearl Rhythm Festival’s Stage Coach paid tribute to folkore music as known to us – heavy on instruments like flutes, xylophones, drums and many instruments that have inspired our folk sounds for ages. The festival has always been a celebration of music that is first becoming …

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Malachi Kirby on portraying Kunta Kinte


Malachi Kirby is an English actor known for his roles in EastEnders and Doctor Who. This year, many TV lovers were introduced to Malachi after he reprised the role of Kunta Kinte in the remake of popular slavery drama Roots. The series that wrapped early this week of course too …

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Tribute to Wycliffe Kiyingi: His last interview

There’s something queer about old architecture –innocent designs, well laid boundaries and that never fading feel of happiness. The moment you get to Wycliffe Kiyingi’s home in Mutundwe, you will be hit by the above, his well-kept house that’s probably more than forty years old, the neat compound and the …

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Lawrence Okello

Preview Lawrence Okello is a Ugandan percussionist and multi-instrumentalist born in Tororo Uganda in 1987. Okello came to the light of many music circles as a member of the legendary Ndere Troupe; they became cultural ambassadors because of their contribution to the revival of cultural dignity through music dance and …

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Diplock Ssegawa – ‘You don’t need drugs to sing’

NATIONAL THEATRE, Kampala – The moment you get into this place, a queer spirit of art possesses you. It’s something about the atmosphere that instantly ignites the creative person in you. It’s not a surprise that one of Uganda’s golden voices chose to have an office situated here. As he …

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Meet Anne Kansiime …………The musician

Fame, success and change move hand in hand. When one succeeds at what they best, their qualities, speech and status is amplified even when they are still the same person. You could as well use those two to describe the city and country’s number one female comedian, Anne Kansiime. Fame …

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