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Tribute will bring soul to this year’s Bayimba 


Before she performed at the annual Cape Town International Jazz Festival earlier this year, many people may not have known who Tribute Birdie Mboweni was. She though a fast rising South African Afrosoul artiste that’s fast making herself a household name on the continent’s music scene. Next week, she’s one …

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Nyege Nyege could be a tourism goldmine


When it was introduced as a new festival late last year, little to nothing was known about the music festival that would be known as Nyege Nyege. For starters, the name gave moralists chills as they kept assuming the worst, but that wasn’t all, it was that one festival that …

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Nyege Nyege Festival is on today


Today, Jinja’s top music fest, the Nyege Nyege International Music Festival is back at the Nile Discovery Beach. Having the likes of Milege Band, Undercover Brothers, Jahliya, Yallah MC, Lady Slyke, Sabar Zibula as well as others from visiting countries like UK’s Man from Timbuktu, Riddlore from USA, Winnie from …

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Isaiah Katumwa set for an East African tour


Jazz maestro Isaiah Katumwa to Jazz up Nairobi as he launches his East Africa tour dubbed “This Is Me”. The tour that will cover Nairobi, Kigali and Kampala comes almost a year after the maestro celebrated ten years of Jazzing up Ugandan music lovers with a concert that he co-headlined …

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Mulago Yaffe: Good for charity, bad for music


If there is one thing most local artistes have mastered is jumping on themes they barely understand; take a look at all these listeners’ parties or the album launches that have been held without physical albums in existence. In the past years, the fuss has been on charity oriented shows, …

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Ernest Otim publishes his Book of Groovation


It is a tall order being a Ugandan instrumentalist. The frustration is that mainstream artistes that auto tune during recording sessions think they can do without instrumentalists; many of them believe a laptop can deliver any flavour of instrument. Many talented instrumentalists thus end up between a rock and hard …

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