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Bebe Cool’s sweet Na Na Na nothing

Bebe Cool - Lumba

Of course Bebe Cool stopped writing his own music over ten years back. He has since moved to employing song writers like Nince Henry, Silver Kyagulanyi, Yese Oman Rafiki, Esther Nabasa, A-Pass and Saint Andrews among others. The gamble has paid off, depending on the side of the coin you’re …

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Five important songs of 2016


2016 was what one could call a year that fell short of music activity; in fact, the songs that ruled the airwaves came from about ten or less artistes and many of these were collaborations Sheebah Karungi was part of. But after all these hits, songs are usually forgettable, yet …

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Dismiss Namubiru at your own peril


Iryn Namubiru may not have had a the biggest audience at Serena Hotel as she held her debut concert at the space on Friday, but definitely created one of the best musical journey story boards an artiste can ever make on a rectangular stage. Of course it was evident that …

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Joel Sebunjo and Myko Ouma’s effort is worth it


Since releasing a crowd pleasing seven track I Speak Luganda album, Joel Sebunjo has not released a lot of music of late, in fact, even when he has in the past hinted on possible collaborations with artistes like A-Pass, Navio or Maurice Kirya, nothing has really come into fruition. It …

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Komakech wants to follow in Oryema’s footsteps


This year’s edition of Pearl Rhythm Festival’s Stage Coach paid tribute to folkore music as known to us – heavy on instruments like flutes, xylophones, drums and many instruments that have inspired our folk sounds for ages. The festival has always been a celebration of music that is first becoming …

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Afroman Spice’s secret show is quite a dark matter

Afroman Spice-1-2

Linda Nabasa is quite a happy soul, yet, going by her contribution to the writing of Afroman Spice’s latest production, What’s Your Secret?, girl indeed has some haunted thoughts. After a successful run with their debut Afroman Spice show last year, yesterday, Nabasa alias Nada, Rasheedah Namulondo and Sandra Nankoma …

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Mulago Yaffe: Good for charity, bad for music


If there is one thing most local artistes have mastered is jumping on themes they barely understand; take a look at all these listeners’ parties or the album launches that have been held without physical albums in existence. In the past years, the fuss has been on charity oriented shows, …

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Ernest Otim publishes his Book of Groovation


It is a tall order being a Ugandan instrumentalist. The frustration is that mainstream artistes that auto tune during recording sessions think they can do without instrumentalists; many of them believe a laptop can deliver any flavour of instrument. Many talented instrumentalists thus end up between a rock and hard …

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