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Deceptions 5 promises more drama

“Oli musiru  oba oli mujega” – Maama Nalweyiso
Hello everyone, and welcome to what promises to be a fantastic season of Deceptions, that’s if the trailer and the first episode that was screened at Club Guvnor on Monday are anything to go by.
Surprisingly, it was the season five premiere of probably the biggest TV drama at the moment (one would wonder when season four aired but that’s not the discussion today, lets hope they will let us know when five ends that we don’t meet again next year to be told seven is on.)
As you could imagine, the show ended on a high, all the lies, the baby, a couple of revelations and the missing Lillian.
The season opened with Lillian being dumped off by a van, this was after she had been given one hell of a beating by one of the various bad guys on the show. (see they have too many of them and one struggles with emotions)
Did i mention Lillian was a diva even when she was unconscious?
Maama Nalweyiso, as you can see in the quotation above, is amazing, she has the best adlibs on the show, I guess she has fully learnt to live her character even off the screen.
Now that Lillian is hurt, we assume Gilbert will gain mysterious super powers and kill that Bataka guy for hurting her, I think it will be a good opportunity for the writers to kill off that character, watching him is pain enough, that’s if he’s behind it all.
This season boosts of better scripting and editing, I guess the cast is very comfortable with the roles that these days they don’t pretend to be the characters, they live those lives.
There were problems however with the first scene, I feel like we spent almost a minute watching Monica crying for a heavily beaten  Lillian, that time could have been used to move the story further, not that the scene was useless, it was prolonged for no reason.
Then there were continuity issues like how Chris mysteriously grew a mustache, yet he had none in the ‘previously’ of the same scene.
Pretty Katende has since changed her hair style to tinted one inch, thus am hoping the story will try to explain her change of style, otherwise it is a good story and we can’t wait for the episode tonight.

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