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Fans and artistes react to Museveni win

At the beginning of the just concluded presidential elections, twelve artistes, Bebe Cool, Judith Babirye, Radio and Weasel, King Saha and Rema Namakula among others, came together to record Tubonga Nawe, a song that may have gotten them in some strange place with their fans.
Many argued that these artistes were only selling their souls because there was a lot of money involved but didn’t mean or even understand what they were talking about.
On Saturday, when all was done and the results had been announced, Tubonga Nawe was literally the most played song of the day – yes, the streets were empty but radios and TVs still dared and played the song.
With messages from different government officials flooding social media (which was supposed to be off by the way!), one thought that the artistes that had made the campaign anthem would be more enthusiastic to share their glory but they were mistaken.
There was barely nothing from Haruna Mubiru, (we totally believe he has no idea of what VPN is) in fact, his final social media post was on February 17, but still even his first post on Monday morning was announcing Kream Production’s Dubai concert.
There was no word from Rema, king Saha, Judith Babirye, Juliana or Iryn Namubiru, even when some of them were vividly accessing social media.
It was Bebe Cool that widely celebrated the win with a post that thanked Ugandans for taking part in an election, as if he wanted to start trouble, he went on to congratulate Dr Kizza Besigye for representing the ‘minority’ with a different opinion.
What followed was an exchange between him and many of his fans including one he asked never to come to his concerts and another one he accused of having porridge brain.
Radio and Weasel were more tactical though engaging, the celebrated Museveni not as their candidate of choice but as the president of the country, they congratulated the losers gracefully noting that; “All of you ran for office because of your concern for Uganda, the election is over but your principles should endure for the betterment of this nation.”
They sealed off the post asking Ugandans not to risk being partisan but work at all levels as a country.
Chameleone was though somewhat apologetic reaching out to those that condemned him for his choice to know that he’s human and thus too has rights and still calling for reconciliation.
He even took time to ask his fans not to boycott his shows because of his decision; “To all Friends and Fans who have thrown unkindness to me for practicing my fundamental right of choice, please stop threatening to boycott my Showcases that shows how conditional your support to me is.”
Unlike Bebe Cool that was trading insults with fans, Chameleone and the Goodlyfe duo were more diplomatic in their responses; they either promoted peace or defended their rights to make a choice.
Santa Anzo, who happened to be in the room when Tubonga Nawe was released faced it rough when she congratulated her people in Moyo for voting rightly, one of the respondents asked her if the state in her home district is one she can handle for a week; “She can’t stay in Moyo for a month but now she’s here congratulating them for voting to stay in the same situation,” noted one of her followers.
Bobi Wine, who lashed at artistes on Tubonga Nawe didn’t congratulate anyone but was on social media calling for the release of Besigye.
Mathias Walukagga, who was often campaigning with Go Forward’s Amama Mbabazi too took to social media, it’s just that he was more poetic and also used his love of football to deliver the Luganda message.
“I’ve never this kind of referee giving out penalties to the side committing the offences,” he wrote.
Other artistes just took to social media to appreciate the fact that the process ended peacefully thus now they can have concerts again.

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