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Iryn Namubiru to make Bayimba festival debut tomorrow

We all have a right to be excited about Akua Naru, she’s a terrific poet, rapper, spoken word artist and her fusion with rap and soul can’t be under looked; the same can be said about South Africa’s new Jazz and Soul sensation Tribute Birdie Mboweni.

But very little has literally been said about Iryn Namubiru, yet the songstress will be taking the stage on Saturday.

This has been quite a very quiet year for Namubiru, yes, she’s tried her hand on a collaboration with Maro and a solo project Kyadaki but we can never consider them that successful.

And many believe this could be the reason she may need the Saturday performance at Bayimba International Festival, probably her first one hour showcase this year and her debut at a festival making ten years next September.

With a collection of songs like Kabi Ki, Nsonyiwa, Newadeyo and Nkuweki among others, but that’s not all, she’s performing on a day many deem as the highlight of the entire festival.

She will be following Amadinda Sound System, MoRoots and SoulDeep who are all highly anticipated.

Powered by Bell Lager, the festival will have other stages that will celebrate other art disciplines like film in the auditorium alongside music, comedy and dance among others.

Among people showcasing at the auditorium will be comedian Daniel Omara, yet Nothing for Mahala will be screening on Friday courtesy of the African Movie Night (AMN), an initiative dedicated to screening African films to the Ugandan masses.

The festival starts today at mid-day and will go on until Sunday in the wee hours.

Tickets go for shs5000 per day.

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