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Kenneth Mugabi and Iryn Namubiru impress on Olugendo

It’s no secret that Iryn Namubiru has never been over Kenneth Mugabi’s vocals. This was since last year when she saw the crooner perform at one of the shows at Serena Hotel.

Then she had posted on social media that she could listen to the music for a full day – to prove that she was indeed in love with the singer’s music, Mugabi was the only artiste she invited to perform on her concert at Serena Hotel at the end of 2016.

Behind closed doors though, she did more than admire the voice and we can reliably inform you that the two have been recording music.

It’s not really clear how many songs they will be doing together but at least we can prove that a song on Mugabi’s second album will feature the songstress.

Released at the beginning of the month, Olugendo is a love ballad that seems to talk about hardships that come with long distance relationships especially those where a man only comes back once in a while.

The song is heavy on the keyboard, guitar though it’s the tube fiddle sound that introduces it that stands tall all through.

Being a multi-instrumentalist, Mugabi played the acoustic guitar and tube fiddle in his signature kind of lazy tune – sitting on a bed of the piano sound beautifully played by the actual producer Pyret Beats, he manages to create traditional vibes that fuse well with the fiddle and guitar.

Namubiru, probably one of the best vocalists delivers on this one but still below her potential especially with the higher notes.

She sings about staying alone in the night thinking about a loved one that is a distance and all she can hung onto being his phone call from him, Mugabi easily weaves in with his chorus, talking about the distance meaning nothing because he still loves his woman.

Unlike the songs on his debut Kibunomu album, Olugendo seems to create a balance between the artiste’s fusion of folklore instruments and the modern ones, besides the tube fiddle that seems to be constant on the song, the rest of the instrumentation creates a perfect balance, nothing outshines the other.

Mugabi as always is a story teller that has lots of emotion; you get to hear some sort of pain in his voice especially on the bridge they share together with Namubiru – the beauty about the collaboration though is that these two come to have fun.

According to Mugabi, it’s one of the works that will make up his second album – talking about the song on twitter, Namubiru told her fans that all along she has wanted them to know about Mugabi and with this track, they will finally know him.

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