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More food still needed at Tokosa Food Festival

Festival is one of those words that has been thrown around by many of the social event organizers. On Sunday, it was a chance for the organizers of Tokosa Food Festival to mess up with the concept.

Tokosa Food festival was making a second edition and as they noted last year, they were looking at making it bigger and better.

Like last year, the festival was held at Legends Bar and true, the event had a bigger crowd, bigger corporate presence with companies like Nile Breweries, Buzz Media and KFC joining Vivo Energy to pull it off.

But as far as the core objectives of the festival were concerned – celebrating food, the do still fell short.

For instance, much as the food was cheaper than it was last year, there was still very little food, all the food was for sell that besides the people that had compliments from sponsors, everyone had to buy food even after paying to get into the venue.

One of the revelers complained that organizers should probably increase the ticket price for it to come with a food coupon than paying to get to the venue just to spend more on food.

“This is more like paying to get into a restaurant to buy food.”

But that was just one of the problems, this whole food festival is poorly sought after, it’s lack of content is appalling, for instance, besides the exhibiting restaurants, the festival itself adds nothing foodie to the content.

You would wonder why they don’t have local foods, with the great number of Indians in Uganda where is the Indian cuisine or Mexican or local ones like that of the Bakiga, Basoga and other groupings.

At the moment, this whole show is only giving us snacks like burgers, KFC chicken and the like disguised as food, with totally uncalled for music playing as the main attraction.

This edition had many cook offs that included couples and celebrities.

Malaika Nnyanzi, won the celebrity cook off beating Bukedde Flavia Namulindwa and Denzel Mwiyeretsi of Urban TV. She walked away with a gas cylinder.

The show was graced by the same faces we’ve seen at different Blankets and Wine, Friday Night Lights and the Charity Car Washes that have become trendy of late.

Entertainment was provided by Janzi Band and Mildred Apenyo’s dance class.


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