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Movie Night brings Ayanda to Kampala

The African Movie Night by Audio Visual Factory has brought various exciting movie titles like Desert Flower, Veve, Half of a Yellow Sun and Nothing for Mahala, among others.On March 14 at the National theatre, African Movie Night will screen Ayanda – probably one of the biggest South African films in the past two years.

Set in the vibrant, Afropolitan community of Johannesburg’s Yeoville, Ayanda is a coming-of-age story of a twenty-one year old Afro-hipster, who embarks on a journey of self-discovery when she has to fight to save her late father’s legacy – a motor repair shop – when it is threatened with closure. She’s thrown into a world of greasy overalls, gender stereotypes and abandoned vintage cars once loved, now in need of a young woman’s re-inventive touch to bring them back to life again.This is a story of a South African girl who strives to save her late father’s collapsing car garage by turning to a new business – refurbishing vintage cars. It’s one car at a time, though each car has a different story.
Ayanda was the opening film at the Durban International film festival in 2015. Its director Sarah Blecher was lauded for a story well-told, especially for using a female mechanic and vintage cars.

The film stars Fulu Mugoyhani (Scandal) as Ayanda and Nigerian heartthrob OC Ukeje in the supporting role.

Entrace is Shs 10,000, and screening starts at 7:30pm.

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