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Mulago Yaffe: Good for charity, bad for music

If there is one thing most local artistes have mastered is jumping on themes they barely understand; take a look at all these listeners’ parties or the album launches that have been held without physical albums in existence.

In the past years, the fuss has been on charity oriented shows, earlier on they would do a concert and claim that half of the proceedings were heading to charity, but since the music enterprise is one that is barely investigated, they somehow found ways of getting away with it.

Charity shows have now become the in thing which is good but it’s still so suspect as to why such shows are usually called for by struggling artistes – those that would struggle to get numbers on the chairs if they were doing an ordinary show!

The Mulago Yaffe music concert by Angella Katatumba went down on Friday at Kampala Serena Hotel’s Katonga Hall.

In the past years, Katatumba has managed to place herself as a philanthropist from such projects like for you Gulu, Cancer Charity Ride, A clean up of Mulago and these are all good things that many artistes should use their fame for than just hone muscles and social media fights, only problem is that many that have come forward do it wrongly.

For instance the Mulago Yaffe concert just like the Desire Luzinda or Jose Chameleone charity concerts back in 2014, was poorly curated. For some reasons in the minds of the people that put these shows together, a charity show is simply an ordinary concert where people only inch to make an appearance.

A team from Hospice Africa Uganda gave a moving speech about their work

Besides an Hospice Africa Uganda’s unprecedented moment at the stage to talk about cancer and their amazing works to save people, the charity of the day had continued to be a rumor, the show had very little information connected to what people were paying for besides the few fliers at the entrance, you would have expected a number of short documentaries screening about the cause and music selection selected to inspire.

But in this case, we had Katatumba doing mostly covers of songs like Peggy Lee’s Fever, Bill Withers Ain’t No Sunshine and Chaka Khan’s Through the Fire among others, Whitney Houston’s Greatest Love of all could have been an appropriate song but it turned out awkward especially when the vocals challenged the performer.

She though did a few of her songs like For You Gulu, I live for you and Supernatural Girl – Katatumba had the best instrumentalists such a show could need, Peter Omega on the guitar and Ernest Otim on the bass, with Pragmo on the keys, many times they ended up upstaging her with their solos.

Desire Luzinda, one of the few artistes guests that was dressed appropriately noted that she’s very much inspired by Katatumba’s dedication to such charities that impact many people, others present were Hellen Lukoma, Cindy Sanyu and Leilah Kayondo.

Socialites Leilah Kayondo and Hellen Lukoma were too present (Photos by Samson Baranga)

The charity was highly contributed to by the dignitaries around like the South African Ambassador, whose story about cancer involved a niece that is currently suffering back in South Africa and in a text, had encouraged him to give as much as he could afford.

Others contributors included MP Mathias Nsubuga, Desire Luzinda, Malaika Nnyanza and Kabs Aloha both of Urban TV and the Pembas among others.

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