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Press Release Pearl Rhythm


Pearl Rhythm Festival Returns to Kampala 27th October 2018
The Pearl Rhythm Festival is back this year for its 6th edition. The festival as always
will feature some of Uganda’s most prominent world music artists come Saturday
27th October, 2018 at the Uganda National Cultural Centre-National Theatre from
11:00am to Midnight at 20,000 UGX.
As usual the Pearl Rhythm Stage Coach selected (3) young and fresh artists to join
the Pearl Rhythm Festival team. The new 2108 Talents are Sandra K, Andereya
Baguma and Amaru. The selected artists always go through a two month
mentorship exercise including studio production for The Pearl Rhythm
Compilation CD and rehearsals aimed at preparing them for their first Pearl
Rhythm Festival performance in October every year. This year the fresh artists will
perform alongside Sammy Kasule and Ziwuuna band, Suzan Kerunen,
Aloysious Migadde, WAKE, Buka Chimey, The Undercover brothers and
Michel Ongaro from Kenya.
The Pearl Rhythm Festival is being sponsored by Coca cola, KCCA, UNCC, The
Observer, The Sunrise Newspaper, Alliance Française and Ngamba Island
Chimpanzee sanctuary
Young Learner’s Session
This year the festival will conduct a special young learner’s session to educate
young people. The session has been specifically tailored for the needs of young
people to equip with knowledge on conservation, art, culture and creativity.
Sessions include:
 Environmental conservation conducted by the Ngamba Chimpanzee
sanctuary and KCCA
 Traditional and contemporary Dance workshop- run by Walter Ruva
 Art and Craft making-run by Shamim Kabayaga.
 Traditional and contemporary Music work shop- run by Giovanni Kiyingi
Festival date: 27th October 2018, Venue: National Theatre,
Time: 11:00am -4:00pm, Entry fee: 20,000/ (Includes a free drink and Snack for
children 11:00am-4:00pm)
Early bird tickets at go 30,000/ for 2, available now at the National Theatre
Monthly Activations
Pearl Rhythm activations which run from May –September are mini-festivals held
at the National Theatre every last Monday of the month in the lead-up to the main
event. They show off the Stage Coach acts, new and old, and give people an idea
of what they can expect at the main festival. These activations are free to enter to
the public.
About Pearl Rhythm Foundation
The Pearl Rhythm Foundation is a local Ugandan grass roots music and creative
community that aims to strengthen an independent music scene in Uganda. It was
initiated and premiered in December 2012 with the objective of bringing together
like-minded individuals to build, discuss and expose their ideas for a growing grass
root music network in Uganda. The Pearl Rhythm Foundation offers a unique
platform for those who aim to encourage the development of Ugandan cultural
music, supporting the evolution of our traditional sounds and instruments, with an
aim of creating a locally and internationally recognized identity for “Ugandan
music,” while also improving the professionalization of the independent music
sector in Uganda

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