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Sauti Sol releases visuals for inspirational Kuliko Jana 

When Sauti Sol released their Live and Die in Africa, many songs had already made their mark on the market.
Sounds like Sura Yako, Isabella and Nishike among others had cult following that many thought the album wouldn’t deliver anything they had never had of.
But in came Kuliko Jana, probably a filler on the album, (according to many). it though slowly got to those that listened to the album in detail.
It’s a gospel song that tends to say that God loves me today better than he did yesterday.
Done with an inspirational feel, the song caught the international attention after a cover of it by a boy choir from Kenya made its way online, those that had earlier neglected it started picking it up.

Then another video of the boy choir with Sauti Sol emmerged!
Kuliko Jana’s video is rather a surprising one, not on a cinematic front, but the talent one.

Once again, the band proves to doubters if there were any, that they are no frauds but real gems, they strip the song off its instrumentation and create probably the very first accapella recording many of their fans have listened to.

Of course their older fans could still be having memories of Az-Yet’s cover of Peter Cetera’s Hard to Say I’m Sorry, probably one of the best accapella versions ever done.
Sauti Sol employs the same formula featuring Upper Hill High School’s Redfourth Chorus, the boy choir that owned a cover of the same song earlier to make even more magic.
But even before the video could be released, the anticipation of it was high thanks to a clip the band posted while performing with the chior,in less than five minutes the viral clip had Glee actress Amber Riley hoked that she posted it on her wall with a caption; “I don’t understand what they are saying but I know it’s beautiful. Sounds angelic anyone know if there is a full video? Found this clip on the explore page @sautisol”
But the Sauti Sol video is not just any other visual release, this video is a game changer – it an approach that has done its best to put talent before the romp and glamor, that video that tries to resonate to a continent’s mind, beautiful to the ears and visually acceptable.

Surprisingly, Sauti Sol started as an accapella group at Upper Hill High School, thus, the collaboration with a choir from a school that literally brought them together was not just emotional but a reunion and a documentary to the public of how it all started.
The video is filmed and directed by Timothy Mwaura and Joash Omondi (Fulfillment Limited).

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