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TPF badly needs surgery

Word from Nairobi is that a fan of Amos and Josh committed suicide when the duo failed to win the annual singing competition, Tusker Project Fame (TPF) – which, by the way, rivals the English premier league’s popularity in Kenya.

In Uganda on the other hand, TPF is a shadow of sorts. After six years, two comfortable wins and arguably one surviving star, some people buried their TV remotes the moment TPF5 ended.
But how did we even get to this; the show was once such a darling!
The problem is that even with the towering character of judge Ian Mbugua throughout the show, unlike Simon Cowell, his meanness has failed to produce results we can associate to his brand.
So, when this season finale festivities kicked off on Sunday, I saw Mitch Egwang read out names of past contestants, all of whom have failed to account for past votes we wasted on them . I thought the past winners were back to debut hit singles. To my shock, these “established artistes” were still doing covers. Seriously?
The problem with TPF is that they don’t want to spend on the winners. Giving a former church choir girl eight weeks on the TV screen is not a big platform enough; in fact, it is like putting her up there and then letting her fall all of a sudden.
I appreciated a fact that on Sunday’s finale, the winner didn’t take it all; others too went home with music singles and videos.
However, if your main aim was to create an African star, I don’t understand why you would give them a poorly produced song or video.
Maybe that Amos and Josh song stands a chance, but an English song for Daisy Ejang? Even judge Julianna Kanyomozi knows; Africans – Ugandans in particular – look haughtily upon local acts singing in English. Unless they are rapping. Even then, a slice of Luganda pushes the song better; ask Navio (Naawulira), or look at LugaFlo’s success.
Then for those highly unimaginative rolex videos, I simply lost words. You know like a rolex (not the watch, come on!) you wait while it is being made and within minutes, you leave with your chapatti roll.
I think TPF missed the point here, the reasons artistes disappear is not because they can’t record a video, it’s because they are not promoted – all former contestants in Uganda have songs and videos but they are not pushed well to become hits and that is the void the sponsors must fill.

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