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Raymond Rushabiro

Uganda Film Festival releases nomination list

The Uganda Film Festival is coming back this month and as always most of the attention goes to the closing night which also hosts the night, than the films being showcased.

This year, may go down as one of those that the film industry has tried to break the glass so as to be noticed by those out of their circles; the premiere of The Only Son even got the uninterested press talk about film and socialites showing up at the event.

To avoid sitting with their films on laptops after a premiere, they’ve since introduced a film screening night dedicated to films that have been made in Uganda.

Thus, even when they’ve been just a small portion of Ugandan films have been premiered, the big wave they are causing or the new fan base they are creating can’t be ignored.

And much of the credit can be given to the guys mostly referred to as downtown, low budget or aptly local, the ones that do films to appeal to your ordinary Sarah and John, simple stories of witch craft, tragedies and a bunch of edutainment crafted scenarios.

They are easily related to and it could explain why they are emerging from their dusty offices in the arcades along New and Old Taxi Park to dominate 2016’s Uganda Film Festival awards.

Richard Mulindwa-Director
Richard Mulindwa, director of both Freedom and Only Son

Director Richard Mulindwa seems to take the day with three of his productions dominating the lists from the technical categories, individual ones to the even the new TV categories.

He leads the nomination park with nine nods for his coming soon film Freedom which may have made a record of being featured in all categories of Best Actor, Actress, Costume and Screenplay among others.

Set in the pre-NRA war times, the film details the despicable abuse suffered by one unlucky girl at the hands of her adoptive father.

Mulindwa later still shows up on the list with his bankable film The Only Son, premiered in a plush event at Serena Hotel last month, the film is about a young man whose father puts him on tests to get him ready to inherit his fortune.

In many of the categories, these two Mulindwa films will be competing against each other, though many pundits believe that it will be Freedom that will carry the day.

Nisha Kalema
Nisha Kalema appears in both Freedom and Only Son

Actress Nisha Kalema, winner of the Best Actress last year is poised to retain the gong thanks to her performance in Freedom, while Bobby Tamale may become the first actor to leave with two awards if he wins the Best Actor in Film and Best Actor in a TV drama.

NTV’s Deception leads the TV nominations scooping a nomination in each of the three categories of Best Actor, Actress and TV drama, in fact, at in the female’s race, Pretty Katende will be giving the beloved Sarah Kisauzi a run for her money as they are both nominees in the category.

The Uganda Film Festival award gala will be held on Friday 26 after a week of activities and activations that characterize the festival.

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