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What’s with Kampala restaurants and matooke?

The story of Kampala and food is one you can rant about for ages – from people having bad cooking tendencies like poisoning our food with ARVs, panadol and of recently simanyi formalin, the food in the city becomes risky by the day.

But that’s not what am talking about, in fact i can’t talk about formalin when am trying to send my teeth inside this attractive burger, who knows the meat in here was preserved for days?

Actually this particular story is about some staple food Baganda like owning, the matooke.

For some reason, all restaurants… OK most of them.. believe every person that gets in is a fan of matooke, even when you clearly tell the waiter, waitress or Mama Naki that she doesn’t have to stuff smashed bananas on your plate, she will nod and only minutes later, a round plate of mmere yoona will be looking at you.

Of course with matooke on it.

And don’t get me wrong, matooke is really great but some of us have had enough of it to last us a lifetime…..

According to a friend, for many Baganda, a meal without matooke is a snack! (insert surprised emoji)

Yes, and apparently because of that, many of the girls or boys and other people that serve in restaurants have it in their DNA that they have to give you matooke, that even when you tell them you want none of it, they will subconsciously give it to you….

In fact, these days when am eating in many of these joints, as I enter the place, my system has already accepted that i will eat matooke even without ordering for it, and am never wrong, it finds its way onto my plate.

Apart from the time i went to Luwombo Restaurant in Kamwokya, at about 3pm, here i told the girl that i didn’t want matooke three times, in fact, even when she was leaving to get me the food, i called her and reminded her again.

And of course, my prayers were answered, there was a plate without matooke – just rice, sweet potatoes, posho and the best sauce in town, meat and g-nuts.

Still surprised, I talked to myself, “No matooke,” the girl that had served me was just behind and in an apologetic tone she went on, “Munange uncle onansonyiwa naye amatooke osanze gaweddewo..”

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