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Why East Africa was shut in the cold at MTV Africa awards

The highly-anticipated MTV Africa Music Video Awards (MAMAs) were held last week in Durban, South Africa.
As you can imagine, even when they call themselves East Africa’s biggest, both Bebe Cool and Chameleone were nowhere near the nomination list.
In fact, the only Ugandans nominated were Radio and Weasel for appearing on Kenyan songbird Amani’s Kiboko Changu, which was vying for the Best Collaboration gong. The others were Nigerians and South Africans.
But many still held a lot of hope in the single nomination, expecting to pull off a Mathew Nabwiso at the film awards two years ago.
This too was crashed when the best collaboration award too went crawling back to the South.
Many have gone viral attacking the show for being Nigerian and South Africa alligned; “If they don’t want to recognise us, i see no need in nominating East Africans,” ranted one of the fans.
Could they be right? or utterly wrong?
MTV Base Africa, since its inception in 2005 has been a play ground of the West and the South, not because they did the best videos, NO, but because they call the wallet shots.
Nigeria single handed has more adverts on MTV Base than all the East African countries combined. And, like all media houses, MTV can’t be any different, they have to survive and survival is from adverts.
Its because of this that such ventures are created but end up becoming kick backs for the advertisers.
Many things can explain why the entire Eastern block walked away empty handed at last week’s award show, like the stupid voting system that allows any Tom, Dick and Harry to suggest who Africa’s best female artiste is – its no rocket science that Nigeria is one of Africa’s most populated countries, if not the most. With such numbers, they own more cell phone units than any other African country, whether you want or not, you can’t compete with Nigeria on a voting conducted on cell phones.
the no limit voting where one can vote as many times as they want, not even our corrupt governments do that! And yes, choosing to put more emphasis on the music videos rather than the sound.
I felt very disappointed seeing Khloe of the Kardashian clan watching Tiwa Savage, Don Jazzy and the other performers try to be American, this was a total mockery of our selves proving all the sentiments they have about Africans not believing in what belongs to them. How can we lose it before a low life like a Kardashian?????
Did we even have to go ship the award show host from America?
This guy has been out of work like for ten years? Then he too gets time to come and play around with African names! like seriously?
Anyway back to the theme, MTV has belittled African music by promoting the visual over the sound, the biggest problem is that the videos they are fronting have nothing Kenyan, Ugandan, Nigerian or South African about them.
Eighty percent of them are simply full of youth disgruntled with the fact that they are Africans and thus want to migrate to another place – total wannabes.
The awards went for the video which of course many of the East Africans don’t have, they went for the instant sing along hits like Eminado, Aye, Sklewu…which East Africa still doesn’t have.
These chaps ultimately forgot the good sounds and message in songs like Daddy Owen’s Mbona and Sarabi band’s Sio Lazima or Maurice Kirya’s Blue Dress song. Now these songs are timeless and people will be jamming to them for ages than the later. But MTV doesn’t want that, they want something close to a 50 Cent drug video.
How on earth did they even select who was to be nominated in the best live performer category?

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